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Grossing Table Complete S.S with Exhaust

Continuous air flow along entire work area.

Intergraded illumination with UV germicidal light.

Working area of 5’x2.5x3’ and sides made from Acrylic material.

Self-supporting under carriage with adjustable legs.

Adjustable set stools with rest to reduce back strain.


Camera holder on railing system.

Magnifying glass/ light magnifier with flexible arms.

Document holder for requisition forms, literatures etc.

Magnetic instrument holder.

Paper towel holder.

Inch/centimeter ruler.

Polyethylene cutting board.

Steel basins with adjustable valve with formalin pour off basin.

Study perforated insert able work plates.

Waste bin

Sprinkler system with adjustable valve for both sanitation located underneath the perforated working plates

Removable organizer bins.

Safety splash shield


Size: 150x75x90cm


Made of high grade stainless steel

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