Conductivity Meter

Conductivity Meter

Technical Specification


Function                                            Cond. & Temp., TDS & Temp., SAL & Temp. 


Display                                              16 character x 2 lines alphanumeric  BL LCD

Power supply                                    230 V 10% 50 Hz AC


Range                                                 Cond            0.00 uS/cm to 1000 mS in 6-Auto ranges

                                                           TDS             0.00 ppm to 200 ppt  in 5-Auto ranges  

                                                           SAL             0.0   ppt      to  50   ppt

Resolution                                          Cond           0.01/0.1/1 uS/cm or mS/cm as per range 

                                                           TDS            0.01/0.1/1 ppm or ppt as per range

                                                           SAL            0.1   ppt

Accuracy                                            0.5%of range 1 digit

TDS Factor                                         0.50(By default) & adjustable manually

SAL Factor                                         0.75(By default) & adjustable manually

Cell const.adjustment                         Digital 0.05 to 2.000  By default 1.000

Temp.compensation                           0 to 70 ?C Auto with temp. probe/Manual with  keys                      

Temp. Coefficient adj.                        0.00% to 4.00% adjustable. By default 2.00%

Calibration                                          Manual                                                          

Reference Temp.                                20 Degree C & 25 Degree C(selectable)

Measuring Frequency                         100 Hz & 1 KHz Auto Selection


Range                                                  -20.0 ?C to +200?C

Resolution                                           0.1 ?C

Accuracy                                             0.1% of range 1 digit

Calibration                                          Two point manual

Sensors                                                Pt100 probe

Data entry                                          By six soft touch keys with audible sound

Storage                                               1000 samples

Real time display                               24 Hour mode with Date

Interface                                             RS-232,Centronics & Computer

Print format                                       All Data

                                                             Date Wise 

Digital output                                     Serial RS-232

                                                             Parallel Centronics

Accessories                                        Conductivity Cell            Instruction Manual

                                                            Dust cover                      Temp Probe